Scholarship Program: Information for Applicants

Italia Performing Arts Institute provides scholarships to assist families in need in paying for performing arts classes for their children, teens and young adults. The scholarships will cover part of the tuition fees for their classes. Typical scholarship amounts will be from $50 to $200 per month.

Eligible students are students of performing arts, especially dance, who live or study in the northern Shenandoah Valley area of Virginia.

Students are selected for scholarships on the basis of their ability and promise shown in their chosen style of performing arts. They will normally be students who are committed to following a pre-professional or professional course of study in this style. Scholarships are offered preferentially to students whose parents who can demonstrate their need for financial assistance in paying for the recommended classes. Recipients will be selected in a non-discriminatory fashion in terms of racial preference.

The number of scholarships offered will depend on the funds available and on the number of applicants.

In most cases, the student’s family will be expected to pay for at least one class each week for the student. Scholarships will be offered to cover the tuition fees, at advertised rates, of additional classes taken at the teacher’s recommendation.

Receipt of a monthly scholarship depends on the student continuing to attend and make good progress in the performing arts classes which were named in the scholarship application, or in alternative classes as approved by the Scholarship Committee.

Scholarships are offered on the basis of recommendations from the student’s performing arts teacher. Funds will normally be paid monthly directly to the school, to be applied to the accounts of recipients in good standing. If the Scholarship Committee determines that a student has violated the terms of the award, no further funds will be paid to the school on that student’s account.

The Scholarship Committee selects recipients for these scholarships. The Board of Italia Performing Arts Institute appoints the members of this committee, including replacement members as necessary.

This scholarship program is funded by grants being sought from charitable trusts, by donations from individuals and businesses, and by fundraising events.

Apply for a Scholarship for a Student

Download our Scholarship Application Form (PDF), or ask us to mail you a form. Then fill it out and send it to us by mail or email to